The Mystery Box

In order for this post to make sense, you’re gonna have to watch this video:

There’s something to be learned here. Actually, maybe there’s a few things to be learned here.

I like J.J. Abrams and his work, I think he’s extraordinarily talented and he’s a fantastic visionary. But there’s something even more admirable about him that becomes apparent in this video. Perhaps the reason why Abrams’s work is so great (aside from the technical execution) is because it is honest work. He has always been in love with mystery and the unknown, and through this video we learn why.

Abrams’s concept of the mystery box is awesome. Not necessarily because the box itself is awesome, but because he took something of importance in his life and he used it as a technique to help tell his stories. All of his favorite stories are infused with some sort of mystery or surprise, and after learning about his grandpa and the mystery box, it makes perfect sense.

What I want to do is discover my own mystery box. What is the thing in my story that holds so much dramatic weight? And what is it about my story that makes it worth telling?

And so with all of that said, I would encourage you to find your own mystery box. Find the thing in your life that makes you passionate about your own story, and use it. Share it. Employ it. Do stuff with it. Tell stories with it.

Tell your story with it.


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